Adios muchachos
Craggy Island gang
I am closing this journal and creating a new one. I have found that this journal contains six years of stuff that I honestly don't need in my life. I am writing out certain people who have done nothing but hurt me, and this journal seems to revolve around them. Eventually, every entry will be privacy locked.

I'll come find you all.

love is religion
H'okay. So my journal is 100% friends only. I don't want just anyone snooping around.

Seriously. I can't discuss my feelings with just any ol' wacko on the internet.

To get through my rigorous acceptance mumbo-jumbo you should totally fill this sucker out. Only then will you be considered for total friend overload. *previous already added friends need not apply*


1. name:
2. birthday:
3. place of residence:
4. what makes you happy:
5. what are you listening to now/have listened to last:
6. why do you want to read my journal thingy:
7. that isn't a good enough reason, give me another:
8. an interesting fact about you:
9. are you in love/have a crush at the moment:
10. favourite place to be:
11. favourite lyric:
12. best time of the year:
13.what do you think of when I say the word "banana"?
14. Have I been a good friend to you?
15. Tell me something you've never told me before.
16.would you be interested in me if we met?
17.whats the perfect person for you?


1. one thing you like about me:
2. two things you like about yourself:
3. put this in your journal so i can tell you what i think of you.(if you don't have one, don't worry)
4. post or link a pic of you (if possible)


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