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Call Her Crazy

Call Her Insane

she's so unusual!
70's glam rock, andy warhol, bob dylan, bob hope, books, boy meets world, boys, broadway, carmen sandiego, ccr, cherries, chibi robo, classic cars, classic movies, comic books, converse, daria, david bowie, disney, douglas adams, driving, ducks, elijah wood, fashion, folk, football, foxtrot, frank zappa, freddie mercury, gene wilder, george harrison, georges melies, get fuzzy, glam, glitter rock, gogol bordello, grapes, halloween, hats, history, hobbits, hollyoaks, ifc, imdb.com, indie films, jack lemmon, jackson browne, james dean, janis joplin, joan baez, john lennon, john waters', jones soda, joni mitchell, jrr tolkien, keith moon, kids in the hall, knoebels, libraries, life, literature, little britain, little shop of horrors, lord of the rings, love, lynyrd skynyrd, marshall tucker band, mazda, mel brooks, monty python, movies, musicals, nico, nirvana, nitty gritty dirt band, pants, paul mccartney, pbs, peace, peanut butter and jelly, pearls before swine, penguins, photobooths, photoshop, pink floyd, pink toenails, project runway, psych, pushing daisies, queen, radiohead, rain, red hair, reservoir dogs, retro, rilo kiley, ringo starr, rms titanic, robot chicken, rocky horror, rubber bands, rubber ducks, salvation army, saxophones, scissor sisters, scrubs, sesame street, sneakers, socks, some like it hot, southern rock, star trek, star wars, supertramp, swinging, the beatles, the elected, the game of life, the little mermaid, the moody blues, the rutles, the sims 2, the velvet underground, the who, theater, this is spinal tap, thrift stores, thunderstorms, tim curry, top gear, torchwood, tori amos, trivia, truman capote, ugly betty, used books, velvet goldmine, ventura highway, vh1, vintage, vinyl records, wicked, x-men, ziggy stardust